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ABL Reference
Handle Attributes and Methods Reference : TYPE attribute

TYPE attribute

The type of a handle.
Data type: CHARACTER
Access: Read-only
Applies to: Asynchronous request object handle, AUDIT-CONTROL system handle, AUDIT-POLICY system handle, BROWSE widget (browse, column, and cell), Buffer object handle, Buffer-field object handle, BUTTON widget, Call object handle, Client-principal object handle, CLIPBOARD system handle, CODEBASE-LOCATOR system handle, COLOR-TABLE system handle, COMBO-BOX widget, COMPILER system handle, CONTROL-FRAME widget, CURRENT-WINDOW system handle, Data-relation object handle, Data-source object handle, DEBUGGER system handle, DEFAULT-WINDOW system handle, DIALOG-BOX widget, DSLOG-MANAGER system handle, EDITOR widget, ERROR-STATUS system handle, FIELD-GROUP widget, FILE-INFO system handle, FILL-IN widget, FOCUS system handle, FONT-TABLE system handle, FRAME widget, IMAGE widget, LAST-EVENT system handle, LITERAL widget, LOG-MANAGER system handle, MENU widget, MENU-ITEM widget, Procedure object handle, ProDataSet object handle, Query object handle, RADIO-SET widget, RCODE-INFO handle, RECTANGLE widget, SAX-attributes object handle, SAX-reader object handle, SAX-writer object handle, SECURITY-POLICY system handle, SELECTION-LIST widget, SELF system handle, Server object handle, Server socket object handle, SESSION system handle, SLIDER widget, SOAP-fault object handle, SOAP-fault-detail object handle, SOAP-header object handle, SOAP-header-entryref object handle, Socket object handle, SOURCE-PROCEDURE system handle, Stream object handle, SUB-MENU widget, TARGET-PROCEDURE system handle, Temp-table object handle, TEXT widget, THIS-PROCEDURE system handle, TOGGLE-BOX widget, Transaction object handle, WEB-CONTEXT system handle, WINDOW widget, X-document object handle, X-noderef object handle
The TYPE attribute returns the widget or handle type. Some examples are "WINDOW", "FRAME", "BUTTON", "MENU", "SAX-ATTRIBUTES", "SAX-READER", and "SERVER".
For AppServer and Web service handles, the TYPE attribute returns "SERVER".
If a system handle (such as CURRENT-WINDOW or FOCUS) refers to a user interface widget, the TYPE attribute returns the type of that widget. If a system handle (such as SESSION or CLIPBOARD) refers to an ABL status or system object, the TYPE attribute value is "PSEUDO-WIDGET".
For procedure handles and system handles that refer to procedures (such as THIS-PROCEDURE), the TYPE attribute returns "PROCEDURE".
For an asynchronous request handle, the TYPE attribute returns "ASYNC-REQUEST".
For the ProDataSet, data-relation, and data-source object handles, this attribute returns "DATASET", "DATA-RELATION", and "DATA-SOURCE", respectively.
For a server-socket handle, the TYPE attribute returns "SERVER-SOCKET", and for a socket handle, it returns "SOCKET".
For the SOAP-fault and SOAP-fault-detail object handles, this attribute returns "SOAP-FAULT" and "SOAP-FAULT-DETAIL", respectively.
For the SOAP-header and SOAP-header-entryref object handles, this attribute returns "SOAP-HEADER" and "SOAP-HEADER-ENTRYREF", respectively.
For the X-document and X-noderef object handles, the TYPE attribute returns "X-DOCUMENT" and "X-NODEREF", respectively.
For browse columns, the TYPE attribute returns "COMBO-BOX", "FILL-IN", or "TOGGLE-BOX". If you specify the Browse Column Type (-browcoltype) startup parameter, the TYPE attribute for browse columns returns "BROWSE-COLUMN" regardless of the actual column type.