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ABL Reference
Widget Reference : MENU-ITEM widget

MENU-ITEM widget

A menu item is an item within a menu or submenu. A menu item can be a rule, a space, or a normal menu item. A normal menu item can be a command or a toggle-box item. Most menu item attributes and all menu item events apply only to normal menu items. You can set up a static menu item within a DEFINE MENU statement or DEFINE SUB-MENU statement. You can create a dynamic menu item with the CREATE widget statement.
The following is a menu containing four menu items:


Note: Color and font attributes for a menu item are ignored in Windows.


The MENU-ITEM widget does not support any methods.


CHOOSE (except for toggle-box items)
VALUE-CHANGED (for toggle-box items only)

See also

CREATE widget statement, DEFINE MENU statement, DEFINE SUB-MENU statement