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ABL Reference
Handle Attributes and Methods Reference : LABEL attribute

LABEL attribute

The label of a widget or the name of a low-level event.
Data type: CHARACTER
Access: Readable/Writeable
Applies to: BROWSE widget (column), Buffer-field object handle, BUTTON widget, COMBO-BOX widget, EDITOR widget, FILL-IN widget, MENU-ITEM widget, RADIO-SET widget, SELECTION-LIST widget, SLIDER widget, SUB-MENU widget, TEXT widget, TOGGLE-BOX widget, LAST-EVENT system handle
For the LAST-EVENT handle, this attribute is readable only.
For a widget, the LABEL attribute specifies the label for the widget. For some data representation widgets, it is actually the SCREEN-VALUE attribute value of the literal or text widget that is assigned to the SIDE-LABEL-HANDLE attribute of the specified data representation widget. For more information, see the SIDE-LABEL-HANDLE attribute reference entry.
For the LAST-EVENT handle, the LABEL attribute returns the names of low-level events based on the EVENT-TYPE attribute value. For EVENT-TYPE = "KEYPRESS", this attribute returns key label events, such as "F1" or "ESC". It also returns the key labels of any keys that trigger key function events (returned by the FUNCTION attribute).
For EVENT-TYPE = "MOUSE", this attribute returns low-level events for both portable and three-button mouse event types, such as "SELECT-MOUSE-UP" (portable) or "LEFT-MOUSE-UP" (three-button). It also returns the names of the low-level mouse actions that trigger any high-level mouse events (returned by the FUNCTION attribute).
For EVENT-TYPE = "PROGRESS", this attribute returns the same high-level event name returned by the FUNCTION attribute unless the ABL event is triggered by a key press. In this case, it returns the key label of the key that triggered the event.
Note: When the AUTO-RESIZE attribute is set to TRUE, the AVM resizes button and toggle-box widgets with run-time changes to the LABEL attribute.