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ABL Reference
Widget Reference : SLIDER widget

SLIDER widget

The slider widget represents an integer value as a point on a sliding scale. You can use the VIEW-AS phrase to set up a static slider. You can use the CREATE widget statement to create a dynamic slider. For example:





*Only a value of the INTEGER or INT64 data type can be viewed as a slider. If using INT64, the value must remain within the -2147483648 to +2147483647 range.
*In character interfaces, a slider widget has a minimum width that is dependent on the specified maximum value (MAX-VALUE attribute). The minimum height for a slider widget in a character interface is 2 character units. You can specify a value as low as 1.5 character units for the height of a slider in a character interface; however, ABL rounds the value up to 2 character units.

See also

CREATE widget statement, VIEW-AS phrase