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ABL Reference
Handle Reference : Transaction object handle

Transaction object handle

Provides access to the current transaction object. This object allows you to query status of and control the current transaction context.


transaction-handle [ :attribute | :method ]
A handle variable whose value you return from the TRANSACTION attribute on a procedure object handle.
An attribute of the transaction handle.
A method of the transaction handle.




*In an AppServer session, if a transaction initiating procedure is active, this handle allows you to control the (automatic) transaction using all of the supported attributes and methods. For more information on automatic transactions, see the TRANSACTION-MODE AUTOMATIC statement reference entry.
*In an ABL client session or in an AppServer session with no active transaction initiating procedure, only the IS-OPEN attribute is available.
*If a transaction initiating procedure is deleted, any open transaction is committed or rolled back according to the value of the DEFAULT-COMMIT attribute.
*The value of this attribute remains the same (references the same transaction context) for the duration of an ABL session. This is true in the following instances:
*Whether or not a transaction is opened or closed.
*In an AppServer session, whether or not a transaction initiating procedure is created or deleted.
*For information on transaction objects in an AppServer session, see OpenEdge Application Server: Developing AppServer Applications.

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