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ABL Reference
Handle Reference : SOAP-fault object handle

SOAP-fault object handle

A handle to a SOAP-fault object. A SOAP-fault object contains information specific to a SOAP fault.
Note: Does not apply to SpeedScript programming.


soap-fault-handle [ :attribute ]
A handle variable that references a SOAP-fault object.
An attribute of the SOAP-fault object.



*When the AVM detects a SOAP fault message, it converts the SOAP fault message to an ABL error message and creates a SOAP-fault object (identified by the ERROR-OBJECT-DETAIL attribute on the ERROR-STATUS system handle). A SOAP-fault object exists only as long as its related ERROR-STATUS entry (that is, until the execution of another statement containing the NO-ERROR option).
*Use the SOAP-FAULT-DETAIL object handle to access the SOAP fault message detail.

See also

ERROR-STATUS system handle, SOAP-fault-detail object handle