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ABL Reference
Handle Reference : Data-relation object handle

Data-relation object handle

A handle to a data-relation object. A data-relation object defines one relation between a pair of parent and child buffers in a ProDataSet object that have a one-to-one or one-to-many parent-child relationship. A data-relation object identifies the parent and child buffers, and the fields in each buffer that define the primary and foreign key fields of the relation.
A data-relation object can be static or dynamic. A static data-relation object is one you define at compile time as part of the DEFINE DATASET statement using the data-relation option. A dynamic data-relation object is one you create at run time for a dynamic ProDataSet object using the ADD-PARENT-ID-RELATION( ) method. Use this handle to access the data-relation object's attributes.
Note: Does not apply to SpeedScript programming.


data-relation-handle [ :attribute ]
A handle variable that references a data-relation object.
An attribute of the data-relation object.



*You cannot define multiple data-relation objects for the same pair of parent and child buffers.
*You cannot delete a data-relation object. When the ProDataSet object is deleted or cleared, the data-relation objects are automatically deleted.

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