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Customization Guide
Developing custom Managed Adapters

Developing custom Managed Adapters

This chapter provides an overview of the interaction between components of the Managed Adapter configuration and mapping framework, and presents the The Demo Adapter, a tutorial which will guide you through the development cycle of a simple managed adapter as well as the development of the optional custom adapter configurator GUI. The tutorial also discusses the integration of the custom adapter with Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge and covers various issues that may come up when you develop your own managed adapters.
* Framework operation
* Interaction of the framework components
* Adapter logging
* File formats
* Supported data types
* APIs and sample code
* Sample code of a Managed Adapter
* The Demo Adapter
* Defining the Adapter
* Defining configuration files
* Writing the Adapter classes
* Compiling and packaging the Adapter classes
* Testing and using the Adapter
* Writing the Adapter Configurator
* Handling complex configuration data
* Registering the Adapter Configurator
* Creating a custom Managed Adapter as Eclipse plugin
* Adding a library to your project
* Packaging and testing the Adapter Configurator
* Testing the new adapter configurator