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Customization Guide
Developing custom Managed Adapters : Packaging and testing the Adapter Configurator

Packaging and testing the Adapter Configurator

Before testing the adapter configurator in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge, you need to package it as a deployable plugin JAR.
1. From the Project Explorer view, right-click the adapter plugin project (in this case, DemoAdapter), then click Export to launch the Export wizard.
2. Expand Plug-in Development, select Deployable plug-ins and fragments, then click Next.
3. From the second page of the Export wizard, select the adapter plugin project to be exported.
Figure 18. Export wizard page 2
a. From the Destination tab, select the directory where you want to generate the plugin JAR (in this case, DemoAdapter_1.0.0.jar). You can copy the generated plugin JAR to Studio_Home\eclipse\plugins folder later or directly specify this folder here
b. Click Finish to create the deployable plugin JAR file in the specified folder.
4. From the Project Explorer, copy the plug-in project folder (in this case, DemoAdapters) from <project_name>\adapters folder to Studio_Home\workspace\\adapters folder.