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Customization Guide
Developing custom Managed Adapters : Compiling and packaging the Adapter classes

Compiling and packaging the Adapter classes

When compiling your custom adapter, the only OpenEdge Business Process Server-related jar you need in the classpath is the oebpsadapterframework.jar, located in the OEBPS_HOME/lib directory on the server. This is the jar that contains the ManagedAdapter base class and the other files from the com.savvion.sbm.adapters.framework package.
The out-of-the-box adapters supplied with OpenEdge Business Process Server come packaged as separate jar-files. The jar-files contain all adapter classes, including GUI components. You are not required to follow this procedure. For example, you may decide to store your adapter’s classes unpackaged in the OEBPS_HOME/ebmsapps directory. In any case, make sure that your adapter classes are available to the server.