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Customization Guide
Developing custom Managed Adapters : APIs and sample code

APIs and sample code

This section describes the various supported APIs and sample code for them.

Supported APIs and sample code

public abstract class ManagedAdapter {
  protected Object input;
  protected Object output;
  public final static int LOG_ERROR = 0;
  public final static int LOG_WARNING = 1;
  public final static int LOG_MESSAGE = 2;
  public final static int LOG_TRACE = 3;
  public void log(int logLevel, String message);
public interface AdapterConfigurator {
  public void configForm(Hashtable context) throws Exception;
public interface MapConfigurator {
  public void buildMap(Hashtable context, Hashtable inputDataslots,
                       Hashtable outputDataslots) throws Exception;
  public void buildMap(Hashtable context, Hashtable inputDataslots,
                       Hashtable outputDataslots, Component parent)
                       throws Exception;
  public void init(Hashtable context) throws Exception;
  public void loadConfig() throws Exception;
  public void loadMaps() throws Exception;
  public void prepare(Hashtable inputDataslots, Hashtable outputDataslots)
                       throws Exception;
  public void prepareAndShowGUI(Component parent) throws Exception;
  public void save(Hashtable context) throws Exception;
  public Collection getInputDataslots() throws Exception;
  public Collection getOutputDataslots() throws Exception;
public interface Mapper {
public void setMapinfo(Hashtable data) throws Exception;
public Object mapIn(Hashtable data) throws Exception;
public Hashtable mapOut(Object data) throws Exception;
public String getInputSource(String input) throws Exception;
public String getOutputDestination(String output) throws Exception;
public String getOutputDestinationType(String output) throws Exception;