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Customization Guide
Developing custom Managed Adapters : Adapter logging

Adapter logging

Adapter logging is controlled by the log-level parameter in the mapping.prop file (see mapping.prop). The log-level is a non-negative integer, and a higher log level indicates more detailed logging. The default log level for most Managed Adapters is 10.
A separate logfile is created for each workstep that is performed by a Managed Adapter. The location of these logfiles is shown in the following table.
Table 13. Logfile location for applications
Logfile location
BP Server
BPM WebFlow
Private Webapps
*AppName is the BP Server Application or Web application (formerly a BPM WebFlow process) name.
*PrivateWebAppName is the name of the private webapp, if the adapter is used in a private webapp.
*WSName is the name of the Adapter workstep.