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Customization Guide
Developing custom Managed Adapters : Creating a custom Managed Adapter as Eclipse plugin

Creating a custom Managed Adapter as Eclipse plugin

You can efficiently manage a custom managed adapter interface by creating an adapter configurator as an Eclipse plugin in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge.
To create an adapter configurator as a Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge plugin:
1. From File menu in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge, click New > Other, opening the New wizard.
2. Expand Plug-in Development, select Plug-in Project, then click Next.
3. From the New Plug-in Project wizard, enter the project name (in this case, "DemoAdapter").
4. Proceed to create the plug-in project by completing the rest of wizard steps with default settings.
5. After creating the project, open the "plugin.xml" editor.
6. Add the "" plug-in as a dependency in the Dependency tab (as shown in Figure 13).
Figure 13. Adding dependency
7. From the Extensions tab, click Add to define the extension point in the New Extension wizard.
Figure 14. New Extension wizard
a. Select "com.savvion.adapter.framework" extension, then click Finish.
b. From the Extension Details section of the Extensions tab, enter a unique ID ("demoAdapterPlugin") and Name ("Demo Adapter Plugin") in the respective boxes.
c. Add the plug-in configuration by editing the XML in the plugin.xml tab. Figure 15 highlights the added <config> tag with the "configuratorClass" attribute defining the adapter configurator class name.
Figure 15. Editing the Plugin.xml
d. Switch to the Extensions tab to view the added extension element.
Figure 16. Extensions tab with added element
8. Save the plug-in project.