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Introducing the ABL GUI Designer : Reference : GUI Designer dialogs : AppBuilder dialogs : Other AppBuilder dialogs
Other AppBuilder dialogs
* Add Directory to Path dialog
* Calculated Field Editor dialog
* Choose From File dialog
* Code Sections Selector dialog
* Column Editor dialog (for Browse)
* Copy To File dialog
* Data Dictionary window
* Edit Path dialog
* Enter Constant dialog
* Enter Constant Range dialog
* Enter Contain String dialog
* Enter List of Constants dialog
* Folder Selection dialog
* Format dialog for Character field
* Formatting a Date field
* Formatting a Date Time-Tz field
* Formatting a Date Time field
* Format dialog for Logical field
* Format dialog for Numeric field
* Goto Page dialog
* Method Libraries dialog
* Record Menu Accelerators dialog
* String Attributes dialog
* Sync with Master dialog
* Temp-Table Maintenance Dialog Box
* View-as attributes dialog
* Progress Advisor (Link Conflict)
* Custom Lists dialog box
* External Tables dialog box
* Record Menu Accelerators dialog box