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Introducing the ABL GUI Designer : Reference : GUI Designer dialogs : AppBuilder dialogs : Other AppBuilder dialogs : Enter Contain String dialog
Enter Contain String dialog
The Enter Contain String dialog allows you to query fields that have word indexes.
This dialog includes the following option:
Enter String Value
Enter a valid search-expression with which to construct a CONTAINS phrase for the selection criteria in the Where Builder dialog box. The search-expression specifies one or more words to search for. It must evaluate to a string with the following syntax:
"word[[&|||!|^] word]..."
In the syntax above, all metasyntax characters are in bold. Do not type metasyntax characters when entering a search expression. Each word is a word to search for. The ampersand (&) represents a logical AND; the vertical line (|), exclamation point (!), or caret (^) represent a logical OR.
Note: See also the WHERE clause of the Record phrase.