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Introducing the ABL GUI Designer : Reference : GUI Designer dialogs : AppBuilder dialogs : Other AppBuilder dialogs : Record Menu Accelerators dialog
Record Menu Accelerators dialog
The Record Menu Accelerators dialog allows you to record accelerator keys for menu commands. Accelerator key is a key or key combination which when pressed invokes an associated command.
When the dialog is first opened, you are in record mode. The keystrokes you enter are recorded as the accelerator key for the displayed menu command. You can use Stop Record/Record alternately to stop and to start recording an accelerator key.
Access this dialog by clicking Key on the Popup Menu or Menu Bar dialog.
The Record Menu Accelerators dialog includes the following options:
Accelerator Key
Enter a key or key combination. Displays the accelerator keys you just defined for the menu command displayed in the Menu Item field.
Discard any menu accelerator keys recorded and close the dialog box. You can also choose Cancel to stop recording and to close the dialog box.
Menu Item
Displays the menu command for which you are recording an accelerator key.
Stop Record/Record
Select alternately to stop and to start recording an accelerator key.
For more information, see Property Sheet for Menu Bar or Popup Menu