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Introducing the ABL GUI Designer : Reference : GUI Designer dialogs : AppBuilder dialogs : Other AppBuilder dialogs : Choose From File dialog
Choose From File dialog
The Choose From File dialog allows you to locate and insert a particular filename or image.
Access this dialog by selected Insert from File from the right-click context menu on the design window.
You can also access the dialog from the main menu by clicking on Edit > Insert from File.
This dialog includes the following options:
Specify a file name or select from the file list.
File List
List displays the files from the directory specified in Directory.
Note: If you do not specify a file name in the File field, you can select a file from this list.
File Type
Select the type of files to display in the file list.
Specify the directory to search for files.
Source (read-only editor)
If the Preview check-box is selected, displays the contents of the selected file.
Select this check-box to display contents of the selected file in the Source field.
Indicate the type of file being previewed.
Note: The Code and Image options are available only when the Preview check-box is selected.
Edit Path
Open the Edit Path dialog to add, modify, or reorder the paths listed in the Directory field.
Open the Browse Files dialog to search for directories and files.
For more information, see GUI Designer context menu