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Introducing the ABL GUI Designer : Reference : Toolbar and menu options : GUI Designer context menu
GUI Designer context menu
Right-clicking on the design window displays the GUI Designer context menu. This menu has the following options:
Menu option
Undo the last action performed on the design window.
Cut the selected widget.
Copy the selected widget.
Paste the selected widget.
Create a copy of the selected widget.
Delete a selected widget.
View Source
Open the source code editor.
Run the current AppBuilder procedure (.w) file.
Compile the current AppBuilder procedure (.w) file.
Add Function
Open the Add Function wizard to add a function to the current procedure.
Add Procedure
Open the Add Procedure wizard to add an internal procedure to the current procedure.
Add Trigger
Open the Add Trigger wizard to add a trigger for a selected object.
Copy to File
Open the Copy To File dialog which allows you to copy basic objects and SmartObject instances and their associated internal procedures, functions, and triggers to an export (.wx) file.
Insert from File
Opens the Choose From File dialog which allows you to locate and insert a particular filename or image.
Tab Order
Open the Tab Editor dialog which allows you to change the tab order of the widgets or objects present on the current design window.
Goto Page
Open the Goto Page dialog which provides the ability to organize sets of SmartObjects into logical pages.