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Introducing the ABL GUI Designer : Reference : GUI Designer dialogs : AppBuilder dialogs : Other AppBuilder dialogs : String Attributes dialog
String Attributes dialog
The String Attributes dialog helps you to set translation attributes for the selected object.
Note: The controls displayed on this dialog is based on the selected object.
You can access this dialog by clicking on the Translation Attributes icon on the object's property sheet dialog or Column Editor dialog (for Browse).
The String Attributes dialog includes the following options:
Displays the title of the selected object.
Displays the tooltip assigned to the selected object.
Displays the label for the selected object.
Displays the display format for the selected object.
Displays the help string for the selected object.
Displays valid character-string attributes for each of the object's characteristics such as Title, Tooltip, Label, Format, or Help.
Select to save your changes and exit this dialog.
Select to ignore your changes and exit this dialog.
For more information, see Selecting translation attributes for an object