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Introducing the ABL GUI Designer : Tasks : Working with objects : Defining properties and appearance : Selecting translation attributes for an object
Selecting translation attributes for an object
The String Attributes dialog helps you to set translation attributes for the selected object.
Translation attribute is specifying the translation format characteristics (justification and maximum length) for an object's label, title, help, or display format. The OpenEdge Translation Manager uses these settings when translating the character string into another language.
To set translation attributes for an object:
1. From the object's Property Sheet dialog, click the Translation Attributes icon. The String Attributes dialog appears.
2. Specify an attribute value for the object's characteristics such as Label.
Note: The attribute must have one of L, R, T, or C and/or a U and/or one integer value. For example, R1 as the attribute value for Label.
3. Click OK to save your changes.
Note: For more information, see String Attributes dialog