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Introducing the ABL GUI Designer : Reference : GUI Designer dialogs : AppBuilder dialogs : Other AppBuilder dialogs : Calculated Field Editor dialog
Calculated Field Editor dialog
The Calculated Field Editor dialog allows you to construct a calculated field expression to add to your database browse.
You can access this dialog by clicking Calculated Field or Edit in the Column Editor dialog (for Browse).
The Calculated Field Editor dialog includes the following options:
Displays the calculated fields expression you build using the options on this dialog box.
Note: You can also edit any expression in this editor. To see help for a particular language element, highlight the ABL keyword and press Help.
Check Syntax
Select to delete the path highlighted in the list.
Select to insert the options selected from Fields, Functions, or Operators into the Expression editor.
Select a database table from the drop-down.
Select a field to insert into the Expression field.
Select a function (double-clicking or pressing ENTER) to insert into the Expression field.
Paste Function Arguments
Select this check box to insert argument of the function highlighted in the Functions list. For example, "num" in ABSOLUTE.
Select an operator to insert into the Expression field.
For more information, see Column Editor dialog (for Browse)