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Administration Guide
Administrative tools : PASMAN


PASMAN is a command-line utility that always invokes TCMAN from the core PAS for OpenEdge installation(OpenEdge-Install-Dir/servers/pasoe/bin). You can apply TCMAN actions to an instance by using the -I instance_name option with PASMAN.
The script for PASMAN is located in OpenEdge-Install-Dir/bin which is usually included in your PATH environment variable.
PASMAN takes the same options and actions as TCMAN. However, you must specify an instance name (using -I instance_name) whenever an action applies to a specific instance.


pasman action  [general_options] [action_options ]


Specify which TCMAN action to invoke. See the TCMAN Reference for information on actions.
Specify one or more of the TCMAN common options that can apply to most actions.
The output of help action includes a list of the general options that are applicable to the specified action.
When an action affects a specific instance, you must explicity reference the instance using the -I instance_name general option with PASMAN. If you do not specify an instance name, the action applies to the core server in $CATALINA_HOME. The actions where you can use -I with PASMAN to specify a particular instance are:
Clean up or archive log files.
Display and manage configurations
Deploy a Web application
Stop a Web application
Start a Web application
Display runtime environment information
Display or modify server features
Display OS and server information
Display memory leaks
List deployed applications
List process ids
Reload a Web application
Display global server resources
Display Web application HTTP sessions
Show Windows process information
Start an instance
Display detailed server status
Stop an instance
Test a server configuration
Undeploy a Web application
Display server, OS, and runtime version information
Other actions only apply to the core PAS for OpenEdge installed in OpenEdge-Install-Dir/servers/pasoe/bin and not to instances. These core server actions, where -I instance_name should not be used with PASMAN, are:
Create an instance
Delete an instance
Display server instances
Register an instance for tracking
Register and manage an instance as a Windows service
Stop tracking an instance
Create a Tomcat worker configuration file
Specify an option that applies to the selected action. These options are explained in the topics that describe each action.