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Administration Guide
TCMAN Reference : Manager actions : List deployed applications (list)

List deployed applications (list)


Display all the web applications that are deployed on an instance.
Note: This command may be used whether the instance is online or offline. However, the output differs. When used offline, TCMAN simply shows a list of deployed application directories in the instance's web applications directory. When used online, it provides additional run-time details about the deployed web applications.
To use this action, the Tomcat manager (manager.war) must be deployed on the instance if the instance is online. You can deploy manager.war from $CATALINA_HOME/extras.

Syntax list [general_options] [-u user_id:password]


Specify one or more of the options that can be used with any TCMAN action. Run help list to see which general options are appropriate.
-u user_id:password
Specify a valid user name and password for HTTP Basic access authentication. (The default is -u tomcat:tomcat.)
Note: This option is required if the server is online. It is not required if the server is offline.


Show the Web applications deployed to acme1 when the instance is online:
/psc/acme1/bin/ list -u tomcat:tomcat
OK - Listed applications for virtual host localhost
Show the Web applications deployed to acme1 when the instance is offline:
/psc/acme1/bin/ list
OK - Listing directories for /psc/acme1/webapps