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Administration Guide
TCMAN Reference : Using TCMAN : The tcman command

The tcman command


TCMAN is a command-line utility for managing and administering PAS. On UNIX systems, you run the script followed by appropriate TCMAN actions and options. On Windows systems, you run the tcman.bat batch file, which is identical syntactically and functionally with
Note: For the sake of brevity, all the syntax statements and examples in this reference show the script.


{$CATALINA_HOME|$CATALINA_BASE}/bin/ action  [general_options] [action_options ]


Specify whether to run TCMAN from the root directory of the installed PAS ($CATALINA_HOME) or from the root directory of an instance ( $CATALINA_BASE). The context of where you run TCMAN (whether from the /bin directory of the parent, or the /bin directory of an instance) affects which server the utility acts on.
Note: TCMAN automatically determines the value of CATALINA_BASE from the directory where you start it. When you run it from the /bin directory of an instance, the value of CATALINA_BASE is the root directory of the instance. If you run it from the /bin directory of the installed Progress Application Server, the value of CATALINA_BASE is the root directory of the installed server (which is the same value as CATALINA_HOME).
Specify which TCMAN action to invoke.
Specify one or more of the TCMAN common options that can apply to most actions. Note that one or more of the general options may be required by a specific action. For example, the list action requires –u in order to pass a user name and password.
The output of help action includes a list of general options that are applicable to a particular action.
The following table is a list of the common options:
Table 15. TCMAN general options
Common options
-u user_name:password
Pass a valid user name and a password for HTTP Basic access authentication.
Display verbose output.
Override the default manager that manages Web applications by specifying the URL of an alternative manager. URL is expressed in the following format:
Override default
environment settings.
Debug the TCMAN action but do not execute changes.
-I instance_name
Run TCMAN from the /bin directory of the specified instance.
Specify an option that applies to the selected action. These options are explained in the topics that describe each action.


Run the help action from the core server (/psc/pashome) to display a list of available TCMAN actions:
/psc/pashome/bin/ help
usage: tcman action [options...]
manager actions:
list list deployed applications
info list server info
deploy deploy application
undeploy undeploy application
reload reload application
status show server status
leaks show server memory leaks
enable start web application running
disable stop running web application
resources list server global resources
sessions list a web application's sessions
server actions:
create create a new server instance
delete delete server instance
config dump CATALINA_BASE configuration
clean clean/archive log files
instances list tracked server instances
register manually register an instance
unregister manually unregister an instance
start start this server
stop stop this server
version show the server version information
test test the server's configuration
general actions:
env show tcman execution environment
help show this information