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Administration Guide
TCMAN Reference : Server actions : Start an instance (start)

Start an instance (start)


Start an instance of a PAS, optionally in debug mode.

Syntax start [general_options] [-D|-J]


Specify one or more of the general TCMAN options. Run help start to see which general options are appropriate.
Start the server in Tomcat debug mode. –D overrides the –J option.
Start the server in debug mode using the JDPA (Java Platform Debugger Architecture) APIs for debugging. –J cannot be used if the –D option is specified.
Before you run a server with the –J option, you must define a port for the JDPA debugger by setting the JDPA_ADDRESS environment variable to a unique TCP network port number.


Start the server in /psc/acme1, which is an instance of the core server in /psc/pashome:
/psc/acme1/bin/ start
Using CATALINA_BASE: /psc/acme1
Using CATALINA_HOME: /psc/pashome
Using CATALINA_TMPDIR: /psc/acme1/temp
Using JRE_HOME: /tools/linuxx86_64/java64/jdk1.7.0_02/
Using CLASSPATH: /psc/pashome/bin/bootstrap.jar:/psc/pashome/bin/tomcat-juli.jar
Using CATALINA_PID: /psc/acme1/temp/


*When the TCMAN utility starts the server, it verifies the creation of the OS process and then records the server's process-id in a .pid file. The location of the .pid file is:
PID File Path
*You can obtain the process id of a server by running the TCMAN env action.