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Administration Guide
TCMAN Reference : Server actions : List process ids (plist)

List process ids (plist)


List the process ids for all the processes that are running under an instance.

Syntax plist [general_options] [-f]


Specify one or more of the options that can be used with any TCMAN action. Run help plist to see which general options are appropriate.
Display verbose output. The output is indented and uses the plus (+) character to indicate parent-child relationships.


Display process id's for the running instance, acme1 using the -v and -f options:
/psc/acme1/bin/ plist -v
info: showing process ids for server 5942
5942 5963 5975 5988 6001 6015

/psc/acme1/bin/ plist -f


The plist action is useful for administrative tasks such as:
*Checking to see if processes persist after an instance is stopped.
*Checking if an multi-session agent process has started and is available
*Checking if an instance is running. Output is 0 if it is not running.
*Using the output (which is easily parseable) in administrative scripts.