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Administration Guide
TCMAN Reference : Server actions : Delete an instance (delete)

Delete an instance (delete)


Remove the directory tree and all of the files in an instance. Alias tracking is disabled for servers that are removed.
To execute this action, the instance cannot be running.
Note: You cannot recover any files or directories removed by the delete action. Backup anything you want to save before launching this action.
Also note that you cannot use delete to remove the installed, root server ( $CATALINA_HOME ).

Syntax delete [general_options] [-y][base_path|alias_name]


Specify one or more of the general TCMAN options. Run help delete to see which general options are appropriate.
Delete everything without prompting for confirmation.
Specify the pathname of the instance that you intend to delete.
Refer to the instance that you intend to delete by its alias rather than its pathname.


Delete the instance of pashome that was created in /psc/acme3:
$: /psc/pashome/bin/ delete /psc/acme3
The following directory tree will be removed permanently:
( WARNING all deployed web applications will be DELETED!! )
Type 'yes' to continue
Delete operation complete
server removed at /PAS/wrkdir/acme3