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Administration Guide
TCMAN Reference : Server actions : Stop tracking an instance (unregister)

Stop tracking an instance (unregister)


Stop tracking an instance by removing the instance's entry from the $CATALINA_HOME/conf/instances.[unix|windows] file.
You use the register action to restart tracking on instances after tracking was stopped with unregister .
A typical use for unregistering and then re-registering an instance, is to make configuration changes when moving instances from one location, or core server, to another. The register action not only enables tracking, it also updates the value of CATALINA_HOME in all of the executable scripts in the instance's /bin directory to refer to the new core server.

Syntax unregister alias_name


Specify the alias name of the instance that you want to stop tracking. The alias name must exist in an instances.[unix|windows] file.


Stop tracking test1, which is an instance of /psc/pashome:
/psc/pashome/bin/ unregister test1