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DataServer for Microsoft SQL Server
The DataServer Tutorial

The DataServer Tutorial

This chapter presents step-by-step instructions for tasks associated with the DataServer. Some of these exercises relate to maintaining the schema holder. After providing an overview of the DataServer for MS SQL Server demonstration databases, the tutorial describes how to perform the tasks.
* Demonstration databases for DataServer for MS SQL Server
* Preparing to create demonstration databases
* DataServer utilities
* Prime to ROWID identification
* Creating a schema holder
* Updating a schema holder
* Verifying a schema holder
* Changing connection information in a schema holder
* Changing a code page in a schema holder
* Deleting a schema holder
* Managing server attributes
* Migrating an OpenEdge database to MS SQL Server
* Column width
* Adjust schema utility
* Delta df to MS SQL Server Incremental Schema Migration utility
* Modifying a schema holder
* Independent OpenEdge MS SQL Server Schema Pull
* Adding extended ABL support