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DataServer for Microsoft SQL Server
The DataServer Tutorial : Adjust schema utility

Adjust schema utility

The Adjust Schema utility allows you to compare your MS SQL Server Schema holder information with the original OpenEdge database, updating any OpenEdge Attributes in the schema holder. These attributes include field names, labels, help, validation expressions and messages. You must be connected to the OpenEdge database and the schema holder that you want to compare to before running this utility.
To adjust your schema:
1. Select the utility from the Data Admin Tool > DataServer > MS SQL Server Utilities > Schema Migration Tools > Adjust Schema.
The following screen appears:
If you leave the **all** in the Files To Compare section, all objects are compared and the changes are made. If you only want to compare certain objects, you must enter the information in the following format:
<comma-separated list of tables>;<<comma-separated list of sequences>;<comma-separated list of views>
For example:
2. Select OK.
All of the objects that are compared will be displayed on screen as they are processed.