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DataServer for Microsoft SQL Server
The DataServer Tutorial : Changing a code page in a schema holder

Changing a code page in a schema holder

Using the Change DataServer Schema Code Page utility, you can change the code page in a schema holder at any time. As a result, you can create a schema holder even if you do not have the correct code page information; you can add or correct the code page information at a later date. However, if you have been writing 8-bit character data to your data source with the DataServer and then you change the code page, the data is unaffected by the code page change. Note that your database might be corrupted if you start writing data with the DataServer and a schema holder that uses a new code page.
To change a code page in a schema holder from the Data Administration tool:
1. Access the Data Administration, if you are not already there, and select DataServer > MSS SQL Server Utilities > Change DataServer Schema Code Page.
The utility displays a message about the possibility of corrupting your database by using the wrong code page.
2. Choose OK to continue.
The following dialog box appears:
3. Either accept the current value or type the data source code page that the data source supports. If you choose UTF-8 as your schema image code page, your schema holder's code page must also be UTF-8.
See OpenEdge Development: Internationalizing Applications for a complete list of code pages that OpenEdge supports. If you are using an unsupported code page, you are allowed to create your own conversion tables.
4. Choose OK to change the code page and return to the Data Administration main window.
If you were connected to the schema holder and the data source when you chose to change the code page, OpenEdge disconnects you to make the change. The Connect Database dialog box appears to allow you to reconnect.