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DataServer for Microsoft SQL Server
The DataServer Tutorial : Adding extended ABL support

Adding extended ABL support

The DataServer provides support for arrays and the RECID/ROWID function when certain objects exist in a data source. You can modify your data source to enable support for these extended features. You can also add support when you create new tables.
The DataServer maintains the columns that you add to your data source tables to support the RECID/ROWID function. If non-OpenEdge applications are updating those data source tables, the applications must recognize the additional columns and update them appropriately. You can enable tables either through the use of triggers or through the use of computed columns. The use of computed columns is the preferred method as it offers greater efficiency and reliability, however it is only available when using MS SQL Server 2005 or later versions.
The following sections describe how to modify an existing data source so that it supports arrays, and OpenEdge record identifiers. See ROWID function for alternate ways to support this function.
* Modifying tables to support arrays
* Using triggers to enable PROGRESS_RECID support of the ROWID function
* Using computed columns to enable PROGRESS_RECID support of the ROWID function
* Migrating RECID-trigger mechanism to RECID computed column mechanism