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DataServer for Microsoft SQL Server
The DataServer Tutorial : Adding extended ABL support : Modifying tables to support arrays

Modifying tables to support arrays

The DataServer allows you to extend OpenEdge's ability to support database arrays to your data source. To have access to this functionality, you must make changes to your data source table.
To modify a table to support arrays:
1. Name the columns of a data source table that you want the DataServer to roll into an array column##1, column##2, etc. The columns must be adjacent and in sequence.
2. Make sure that these columns are of the same data type and size. For example, if you want the schema holder to include an array named MONTH with 12 elements, the data source table must have 12 adjacent columns of the same data type named month##1, month##2, month##3, and so forth. OpenEdge names the corresponding field in the schema holder month. In your applications, refer to each element of the array as month[1], month[2], month[3], and so forth.
3. If you have already created your schema holder, update it to reflect your changes to the data source table.