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Customization Guide
Localizing Business Process Server

Localizing Business Process Server

You can localize Business Process Server components, namely Business Process Portal, BPM Designer, and Business Process Modeler, to a language of your choice. We recommend that a Senior Application Developer with expertise in Java design and development performs this localization task. This chapters details the steps to be taken to localize each Business Process Server component.
Before you start localizing Business Process Server component, ensure that your computer is configured to use the requisite language. Also make sure that you select appropriate fonts and character encoding for your browser. For example, if you want to localize to Japanese language, you must set the fonts and character encoding for the Mozilla Firefox browser as shown in the following figure.
Figure 19. Fonts and Character Encoding for Japanese in Firefox
For more details about these, refer to your operating system’s documentation.
Note: To ensure that Task notification emails (using a localized HTML or ETL Email template) display language characters properly, you need to set the parameter in the file and the oebps.characterencoding parameter in the oebps.conf file to value, UTF-8.
* Localizing Business Process Portal
* Specifying the date formats
* Translating the Properties file
* Customizing the interface labels
* Adding support in Business Process Portal
* Localizing dashboard
* Localizing dashboard widget title and description
* Localizing dashboard title and description
* Configuring dashboard widget height
* Refreshing localized data
* Localizing Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge
* Localizing applications
* Localizing Business Process Modeler
* Localizing Jasper reports