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Customization Guide
Localizing Business Process Server : Localizing applications

Localizing applications

You need to perform the task of localizing Business Process Server applications separately. Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge generates a properties file for every application containing Adapter worksteps. This properties file namely, <application_name>.properties, is located in the properties folder in the workspace\<application_name> folder.
Note: To localize applications that do not include an Adapter workstep, you need to manually create localized values for UI elements including dataslot labels, menus, and any text seen by the user. Users can view these hard-coded values, localized to the selected language.
To localize the application’s properties file:
1. Create a copy of the <application_name>.properties file and translate the listed definitions into the language of your choice.
2. Rename the file with the appropriate Locale ID. For example, to localize file for the Korean language, create a copy of the file and rename it as