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Customization Guide
Localizing Business Process Server : Adding support in Business Process Portal

Adding support in Business Process Portal

Before localizing your Business Process Portal interface to your selected language, ensure that the option of selecting this language is made available to Business Process Portal users. You can specify this new language option in the supported languages parameter in the oebps.conf file (located in OEBPS_HOME\conf folder). To do so:
1. Open the oebps.conf file and navigate to the Business Process Server supported languages section (sample is shown below).
<param name="sbm.supportedlanguages">
<alias>Supported Languages</alias>
<description>The languages currently supported</description>
2. Append the Locale ID to the oebps.supportedlanguages parameter, separated by a comma. For example, to add support for the Korean language, modify the parameter as shown below, oebps.supportedlanguages=en_US,ko_KR
3. In case you have already started the Business Process Server, restart the server to reflect the changes.
Application users can now login to Business Process Portal and choose their language, using the Profile page. For information on changing user profile settings, refer to the "Managing User Profile" section of the Business Process Portal User’s Guide.
Important: Business Process Portal displays the log messages using the language of the server's locale. When you view the log messages in Business Process Portal, it does not change the log messages' language to the language of your locale.