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BP Server Developer's Guide
E-mail templates for task completion

E-mail templates for task completion

In Business Process Server, task completion via e-mail option can be enabled for any human workstep. However, BP Server uses fixed e-mail content and format to pass the dataslots and other process information, and also expects the data in the "reply" e-mail in a fixed format. This causes severe limitations for applications that heavily depend on the task completion via e-mail.
Note: E-mail Templates are supported only for the completion of work items or to assign the work items from available pool.
* Enabling task completion by e-mail
* Variables
* Expressions
* Variables using formal notation
* System variables
* User defined dataslot values
* Pre-populated output dataslot values
* API for sending e-mails to assigned task
* E-mail recipients
* E-mail subject
* E-mail backup
* E-mail search
* E-mail clients
* E-mail security
* Types of e-mail templates
* Text e-mail template
* HTML e-mail templates
* Dataslot handling