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BP Server Developer's Guide
E-mail templates for task completion : Types of e-mail templates

Types of e-mail templates

Frequently, applications require more meaningful e-mail content with dataslot values that give complete context of the process data to the receiver. In such cases, e-mail templates provide the easiest, simplest, and cleanest way to incorporate dynamic content for e-mail task completion. E-mail Templates provide a secured free content format that can be specified for any workstep enabled for task completion using e-mail option.
You can use either the text or HTML e-mail templates. In each of these template type, you can create templates with dynamic content, custom template or use the default template. The order in which BP Server searches for these templates and other details about them are explained in Table 17.
Table 17. E-mail Templates
File name1
E-mail Template with Dynamic Content
<filename>_assigned.htl <filename>_available.htl
Custom E-mail Template
assignedwi.htl availablewi.htl
Default Template
assigned.htl available.htl

1 The extensions for the file names shown in the table are for the HTML templates. For Text templates, the extension is .etl.