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BP Server Developer's Guide
E-mail templates for task completion : E-mail clients

E-mail clients

It is difficult to support all e-mail clients because they are either platform-specific or their e-mail content format is specific to the local settings. For example, some e-mail clients add different special characters to fold long lines or write different EOF or EOS characters for the end of e-mail.

Properties used to handle variations in dataslot values

When CHARACTER dataslot value is specified in the e-mail body, some e-mail clients fold the string value into multiple lines separated with "\n" or "\r\n" depending on the platform. Therefore, BP Server uses the following property to handle some of the variations of these e-mail clients:\r\n
User can modify the above property for other special characters.
To configure your e-mail client and enable the JavaScript option to use the task completion by e-mail feature, refer to your e-mail client's documentation.