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BP Server Developer's Guide
E-mail templates for task completion : HTML e-mail templates

HTML e-mail templates

Most of the limitations of the text e-mail templates can be overcome by using the HTML e-mail templates.

Features of the HTML e-mail template

The HTML e-mail template provides you the portal functionality and ease of use. Work items are pushed to the performers with portal views that can be customized for every task. HTML e-mail templates support client-side and server-side mandatory dataslot validation. This validation is controlled by the parameter in the file. By default, this validation is enabled. Similarly, client-side data validation can also be done by using the inline JavaScript. The default HTML template supports all data types except MAP and OBJECT dataslots.
HTML e-mail supports inline stylesheets for formatting. It also allows you to embed images by using relative path, file URL, or http protocol. You can customize the default HTML generator, header and footer of the HTML e-mail template. It supports reusable JavaScript code for custom HTML templates.
The e-mail task performer does not need a separate authentication. It uses single sign-on to inbox and to complete the tasks. HTML e-mail template does not pose any authentication issues and it is not impeded by a firewall.
For your convenience, HTML e-mail template provides a main help and context help for complex dataslots. However, you may modify the mail help as per your requirement, while creating a custom e-mail template.
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