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BP Server Developer's Guide
E-mail templates for task completion : HTML e-mail templates : Features of default template

Features of default template

*The default template provides a GUI to display all the dataslots except MAP and OBJECT dataslots.
*Help is provided for all e-mails generated using the default template.
*For some of the complex dataslots, context-sensitive help is provided, which can be accessed by moving the mouse over the info area located on the right side of the dataslot value. Such a help is provided for the List and DATETIMETZ dataslots.
*The default template can handle complex dataslots. Depending on the type of your dataslot, follow the instructions given below to fill the data for complex dataslots:
*LIST — For a LIST dataslot, the items should be added in the list. Only the selected items are part of the reply e-mail. The reply e-mail is generated after clicking the Complete button. To delete an item, please deselect it from the list. To deselect an item in the list, press the CTRL button and deselect the item.
*DATETIMETZ — For a DATETIMETZ dataslot, the required format date value is provided in the context help. The format of the date value depends on the value of the following two parameters in the oebps.conf file: and oebps.dateformat.time=