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Introducing the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge Visual Designer : Tasks : Customizing the Visual Designer Toolbox : Managing controls
Managing controls
A control group can contain any number of controls, and the same control can be included in multiple groups. You can add, rearrange, rename, and delete controls. If you want to save a customized Toolbox configuration for later use, back up the project's toolbox.xml file before making any changes.
Unavailable controls included in Toolbox
Various conditions can result in controls that are included in the Toolbox being unavailable on your system. For example, you might add third-party controls to the Toolbox and then uninstall the controls; or, another user might give you a toolbox.xml file that includes controls you do not have.
A control that is not available appears in the Toolbox with a "ban" symbol: . You cannot place the control on a form.
* Adding controls to a control group
* Renaming controls
* Deleting controls from a control group
* Rearranging controls among groups
* Disabling controls