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Introducing the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge Visual Designer : Tasks : Customizing the Visual Designer Toolbox : Managing controls : Disabling controls
Disabling controls
It is possible to disable, or "blacklist," specific controls that you do not want used. To do this, add an entry for each such control to the following file: $DLC\Properties\unSupported.xml
The entry in the unSupported.xml file must include several pieces of information about the control in a specific format. The easiest way to create a properly formatted entry is to copy it from toolbox.xml and paste it into unSupported.xml. If no such toolbox.xml file is available, generate it by customizing the Toolbox (making sure that it contains the control in question).
You must restart Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge for the disablement to take effect. OpenEdge removes the disabled controls from all instances of toolbox.xml and prevents them from being added to any Toolbox. However, existing instances of the controls in previously created designs are not affected.