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Introducing the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge Visual Designer : Tasks : Customizing the Visual Designer Toolbox : Managing controls : Adding controls to a control group
Adding controls to a control group
To add controls to the Toolbox, you need to have available on your system the assemblies that contain the controls or, for user-defined controls, the CLS files that define the controls. You cannot add a second instance of a control that is already in the Toolbox, even if multiple versions of the control are installed on your system. To include a control in more than one group, use the Copy and Paste commands.
Note: Progress Software Corporation does not support controls that are not installed by the OpenEdge installation program.
To add controls to a control group:
1. Right-click in the Toolbox and select Add Controls from the context menu. The Add Controls dialog appears.
2. The Add Controls dialog Browsed Assemblies tab is initially open. If you have browsed previously during your current Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge session, the controls available in the last-browsed assembly appear in the list. Select one or more controls from the current list, or generate a new list by clicking Browse to locate and select one or more DLL or EXE files containing UI controls.
Alternatively, click the Global Assemblies tab to see a list of controls available in the global assembly cache, or ABL Controls to see a list of custom user-defined controls.
You can filter the list to display only those controls whose names begin with the characters you enter in the Filter field.
3. Check the control(s) that you want to add to the Toolbox. You can select controls on all three tabs.
4. In the field at the top of the dialog, select the control group to which you want to add the controls.
5. Click OK to add the selected controls to the Toolbox.