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Introducing the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge Visual Designer : Tasks : Customizing the Visual Designer Toolbox : Choosing the Toolbox docking position
Choosing the Toolbox docking position
By default, the Toolbox is docked at the right edge of the Visual Designer editing area. You can choose a different docking position if you wish.
To specify a persistent docking position for all projects, select Window > Preferences > Progress OpenEdge > Visual Designer. Click to select the desired position. Changing the docking preference does not affect currently open Visual Designer editing windows.
To move the Toolbox only for your current editing session, position the cursor over the Toolbox heading, hold down the primary mouse button, drag to the desired docking position, and release the mouse button. Dragging the Toolbox affects only the current file, and when you close and re-open the file, the Toolbox reverts to the position specified in the Visual Designer preferences.