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Introducing the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge Visual Designer : Reference : Workspace components : Visual Designer Editor
Visual Designer Editor
The Visual Designer Editor comprises the Toolbox and the Design Canvas.


By default, the Toolbox is docked to the right edge of the editing area. If you wish, you can change the docking position by dragging or through the Visual Designer Preferences page.
The Toolbox contains controls organized in control groups, as shown in the following illustration:
You can customize the Toolbox by adding or removing control groups and controls.

Control groups

A control group is a logical grouping of individual controls. As installed, the Toolbox has the following control groups: Microsoft Controls, OpenEdge Controls, Telerik UI for WinForms, and (if installed) OpenEdge Ultra Controls.
A control group can contain any combination of controls, including controls that are also included in other control groups.


Controls are the objects with which you build the UI. As installed, the Toolbox includes all of the controls that Progress Software Corporation supports and that your OpenEdge license allows you to use.
A given control can be included in multiple control groups.

Design Canvas

The Design Canvas is the area of the design window that displays the visual container (form) and the controls you add from the Toolbox. The white pane at the top contains the WYSIWYG representation of the UI design, including all visual controls that you define. The pale yellow pane at the bottom contains non-visual controls, if applicable; this pane does not appear if no non-visual controls are in use. You can resize these panes by dragging the horizontal separator between them.
On the Design Canvas, you can place new controls, position and resize existing controls, and select controls whose properties you want to edit.