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Introducing the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge Visual Designer : Reference : Visual Designer Preferences

Visual Designer Preferences

The Visual Designer Preferences page allows you to set options affecting the appearance and behavior of the Toolbox and the Design Canvas. To access these settings, select Window > Preferences > Progress OpenEdge > Visual Designer.
The following options and controls are available:
Global Toolbox location
Specifies the path of the toolbox.xml file that determines the content of the Toolbox shared by projects that use the global Toolbox option. (You set this option on the Progress OpenEdge properties page.)
Show SmartTags
Enables or disables the use of SmartTag design aids for setting frequently used control properties of various controls. If this option is enabled, controls with SmartTags have a small right-arrow button at the top right corner when selected, as in the example shown. Clicking this button opens the SmartTag tool.
Generate event handler on double-click
Enables or disables the automatic generation of an event subscription and event-handler method when a control on the Design Canvas or an event in the Properties view is double-clicked.
Remove event handlers when no longer needed
Enables or disables the automatic deletion of event-handler methods when the corresponding event subscription is deleted.
Toolbox docking position
Specifies whether the Toolbox is docked to the right, left, top, or bottom edge of the Visual Designer editing window.
Snap lines or Grid
Specifies whether controls, when placed or moved on the Design Canvas, are aligned relative to other controls or to the design grid. The Grid setting takes effect only if the Snap to grid option is enabled.
Height and Width
Specify, in pixels, the vertical and horizontal intervals of the design grid.
Show grid
Enables or disables the visible display of the grid on forms on the Design Canvas.
Snap to grid
Enables or disables automatic alignment to the design grid when controls are placed or moved on the Design Canvas.
Undo history size
Specifies the number of actions that the Visual Designer can undo or redo.
Add untranslatable attribute to all Visual Designer- generated strings
Enables or disables the inclusion of the U (untranslatable) attribute for character strings that the Visual Designer inserts in ABL code. If present, this attribute prevents the string from being processed by the OpenEdge Translation Manager.