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Introducing the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge Visual Designer : Tasks : Developing a visual container : Working with UI controls : Using built-in design tools
Using built-in design tools
Many controls have built-in tools that can help you use the control. All of these tools provide alternative ways to set properties, so you can achieve the same results by working exclusively with the Properties view, but the built-in tools can make the process more intuitive.
The options vary among the available controls. They include "Quick Start" wizards, designers, custom property pages, and smart tags.
Quick Start wizards
Built into several OpenEdge Ultra Controls for .NET GUI, Quick Start wizards appear when you place the control on the Design Canvas. The UltraGrid is an example of a control that offers a Quick Start wizard. If you prefer not to use the wizard, you can simply click Finish. A Preferences button on the wizard lets you specify whether you want the wizard enabled and other options.
Designers assist you in the process of setting up the control. If a designer option is available, a link to it appears at the bottom of the Properties view when the control is selected on the Design Canvas. Click this link to open the tool. The ProBindingSource is an example of a control with a built-in designer.
Custom property pages
Custom property pages present a subset of the same properties that you can access through the Properties view, but in logical groups. If custom property pages are available, a link appears at the bottom of the Properties view, and also on the context (right-click) menu. Click this link to open the custom property pages.
SmartTags offer a subset of the most frequently used properties for the control. If SmartTags are available, the control has a small right-arrow button at the top right corner when it is selected, as in the example shown below. Click this button to open the SmartTag tool.
You can specify on the Visual Designer Preferences page whether you want smart tags enabled. This option is enabled by default.