Progress OpenEdge properties page

The Progress OpenEdge properties page allows you to view and to adjust certain characteristics of the OpenEdge AVM, which is the client that runs your ABL code.

To access the Progress OpenEdge properties page, right-click an OpenEdge project name in the Project Explorer view and choose Properties from the context menu. Click the Progress OpenEdge node to view the page.

The following controls are available:

Change Profile

Load a previously saved set of project properties (see Custom settings). The current profile appears to the right of this button. Click to select from a list of saved profiles.

Use OpenEdge shared AVM

Use the AVM that is available to all projects in the workspace rather than an AVM that is dedicated to the currently selected project.

If you change an existing project to use the shared AVM, you may need to update the shared AVM settings to include the PROPATH, assemblies, and database connections of the project.

Note: If you select the shared AVM for a project, most of the settings on this property page will appear dimmed. They cannot be changed on this page, and they may also be inaccurate. You must go to the Shared OpenEdge AVM preference page to view or to change those settings.Select Window > Preferences from the main menu bar. Then open Progress OpenEdge > Shared OpenEdge AVM from the Preferences page tree view. Also be aware that settings changed on the Shared OpenEdge AVM preference page affect all projects that use the shared AVM.
Configure shared OpenEdge AVM

Open the Shared OpenEdge AVM preference page, which allows you to change shared AVM settings.

Current version

The version of the OpenEdge runtime that is used by Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge (a read-only informational field).


The root directory in which OpenEdge is installed (a read-only informational field).

Working directory

Specify the directory in which the OpenEdge runtime starts when the project is opened. By default, this is the project root directory.

Temp directory

Specify the directory in which temporary files are created. By default, this is the working directory specified when Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge was installed.

Startup parameters

Specify any appropriate parameters for starting the AVM in the context of the currently selected project.

Refer to the ABL parameters section of the OpenEdge Deployment: Startup Command and Parameter Reference for a list of AVM (also called the ABL client) startup parameters. You can find the manual in the Product Documentation section of the Progress Software Developer's Network Web site.

Note: Do not specify database connections as startup parameters. Use the Database Connections page for this purpose.

You can use a parameter file by including -pf parameter_file_path. A relative path statement is interpreted relative to the project working directory.

If you check the Add default parameters option, the parameters in the Startup parameters box are appended to the defaults.

Add default parameters

An option to use the default startup parameters.

Note: Although you can see the default startup parameters on this page, you cannot change them here. Go to the Progress OpenEdge/Startup preference page to change the defaults.
Use TTY for runtime

An option to run ABL procedures and classes in a character client window rather than in a GUI window. A separate window opens for each program that you run.

Note: The GUI option is supported only on Windows. Therefore, on non-Windows platforms, Use TTY for runtime is automatically selected and unchangeable.

In addition to the windows that open when you run a program, a runtime console is launched for the project-specific AVM when you open the project. However, by default this console window is hidden.

Hide TTY runtime console An option, selected by default, to suppress the display of the project-specific runtime console. This setting is changeable only if Use shared AVM is deselected and Use TTY for Runtime is selected.
Use global Toolbox for Visual Designer An option to use a global (common) Toolbox that might be shared with other projects in the workspace. By default, each OpenEdge project that you create uses a dedicated Toolbox that is specific to that project.
Share Settings Saves the current set of project properties in a project.xml file in the project root directory, allowing the project to retain its properties after being imported to another workspace.
Import Settings Imports a set of project properties from a previously generated properties file and applies them to the currently selected project.
Save Profile Saves the current set of project properties so that you can recall them and apply them to any project. You can load a saved profile on the Progress OpenEdge properties page.