Database Connections properties page

The Database Connections properties page allows you to select database connections for a project. You can choose from all of the database connections available in the workspace. Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge automatically connects to selected databases when you open the project.

To access the Database Connections page, right-click an OpenEdge project name in the Project Explorer view and choose Properties from the context menu. Expand the Progress OpenEdge node in the tree view, and then click the Database Connections node.

Note: If you chose the shared AVM for the currently selected project, the settings on this property page appear dimmed. They cannot be changed on this page, and they may also be inaccurate. You must go to the Database Connections page under the Shared OpenEdge AVM preference page to view or to change these settings. Select Window > Preferences from the main menu bar. Then open Progress OpenEdge > Shared OpenEdge AVM > Database Connections from the tree view.Also, be aware that settings changed on the Shared OpenEdge AVM/Database Connections preference page affect all projects that use the shared AVM.

The following controls are available:

Configure Database Connections Opens up the Database Connections preference page where you can add, edit and delete, and import and export database connection profiles.
Show Selected Show only the database connections that are associated with the currently selected project.
Show All Show all database connections that are available in the current workspace.
Connections viewer Displays a list of available database connections, along with their associated attributes. Those connections which are currently assigned to the project are checked and displayed first in the list.

To assign a database connection to the current project, select the checkbox. When a row is checked, it is repositioned at the top of the list, just below the last checked item.

Connection String Displays the database startup parameters for the connection selected in the Connections viewer. Click on a connection name in the viewer to select it.

For more information about OpenEdge database startup parameters, see OpenEdge Data Management: Database Administration. You can find OpenEdge manuals in the Product Documentation section of the Progress Software Developer's Network Web site.

Select All Selects all rows.
Deselect All Deselects all rows.
Edit Starts an Edit Connection Profile dialog, where you can change connection parameters.